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Haodex Limited

Haodex Limited is a publicly listed Australian corporation (NSX: HAO) and the proprietor of a suite of flourishing E-commerce systems. Its intent is to revolutionize the current online retail sector. Meccle (previously known as is a multiple vendor market with more than 100,000 suppliers providing fast-track selling via regional warehousing and fulfillment services to the US ecommerce market. This will give Meccle an edge over the worldwide E-commerce sector by offering the broadest selection of goods, unbeatable pricing, and an efficient distribution network. In addition, Monkeyking Australia uses the Meccle customer network to supply Australian products to Chinese customers, and Frankshaus utilizes Meccles's substantial network to make up a vast network of rural hotels and vacation rentals to gain access to the 70 billion Yuan Chinese tourist market.

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