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Haodex Limited

Haodex Limited is an Australian listed company (NSX: HAO). We operate a suite of successful E-commerce platforms, looking to transform the current online retail market.


Bulkbuyworld (BBW) is an online marketplace selling products directly from Chinese manufacturers to customers in the United States. BBW provides a seamless cross-border selling experience by providing local warehousing and fulfilment facilities to Chinese vendors. The vision of BBW is to capture the global E-commerce market by providing the most competitive value and streamlined distribution network.

At the same time, BBW’s Chinese mainland operations aims to facilitate 560 million rural Chinese farmers in selling fresh produce online through the BBW unique joint franchise network. BBW is currently developing the largest rural E-commerce market in China.


Supplies Australian products to Chinese customers, through BBW customer network.


Frankshaus uses the existing network of Bulkbuyworld to build a huge network of rural hotels and vacation rentals, capturing the 700,000,000 Yuan Chinese tourism market.

For detailed information, please see prospectus.

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