Sunling Gou
III IT Engineer

Mr Gou graduated from Sichuan University of Science & Engineering in 2005

He has 15 years working experience as IT engineers which include 3 years of tourism industry software development experience, 4 years of blockchain development experience, skilled use of BTC, ETH development chain, contract. Experience on 3 blockchain exchanges.

Shun He
III Web Front-end Developer

He has more than 4years of work experience in web site development and is familiar with many front-end development frameworks.

Li Wan
III Design Engineer

She, graduated from Xihua Normal University in July 2014, worked as a class teacher in a software training school in Chengdu from May of the same year to June of 15 From July to December 2015, she received design training and started design work after training. December 2015 - Present, she is engaged in UI design for more than 5 years and has solid design skills and design concepts. She is able to independently complete various websites, APP, small programs, h5, visualization of large screen and various advertising design and other design work.

JingChuan Yang
III Php Development Engineer

Mr Jinchuan Yang has 5 years working experience as Web developer related to PHP.

He graduated from Chengdu University in July 2014

JiGeng Lv
III Php Development Engineer

He is graduated from Sichuan Aerospace University. He has 5 years of software development experience, including 3 years of hotel app development experience. He is the manager of many project development and is proficient in PHP mainstream development technology

III Translator

He, graduated from Sanjiang University as an English major student in 2021, has many internship during his school life, including working abroad. He is familiar with foreign culture and very skilled in translation.

Xiyan Hu
III Php Development Engineer

She has 5 years of software development experience and has been engaged in e-commerce, hotel app development work. She is familiar with the project testing process and proficient in various development frameworks of PHP.

Xiaojiao Qing
III Php Development Engineer

He graduated from Chengdu Radio and Television University in 2010, has 12 years of software development experience, including 5 years of B2B hotel ticket travel platform development and project management and has been engaged in medical, communications, financial related industry software development.

Yi Luo
III Web Front-end Developer

He, graduated from Sichuan University, keeps high sensitivity and attention to the Internet and has rich project experience. He is familiar with all kinds of product development process and with strong product planning, demand analysis, interaction design ability. He has 4 years of front-end development experience and is skilled in developing app, h5, enterprise official website, medium and large e-commerce system.